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david weaver
I did contemplate 32 degrees since I already have an angle gauge setup for that from the old days (it's the secondary bevel before the tertiary finisher).

But, I'll leave well enough alone.

I have Big/Little smoothing to compare, I guess I'll add that on the end. An illustration of how doing most of the work at 4 thousandths instead of two for initial smoothing or planer mark removal does a lot to negate the need for more wear resistance than the most plain irons I've tested (ward being that - I think it's water hardening, and the durability sort of confirms it likely is).

I want to see if big/little smoothing with O1 can beat V11 in volume of shavings removed if V11 stays at the test spec shaving.

(and endgrain)

I hope I don't get hit by a bus before i manage to write up all of this stuff.

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