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david weaver
Washita - yes, far faster than 1 micron on cast. the less resistant the steel is, the bigger the difference. It's fast enough to cut a single bevel on an iron after the grinder (1 micron really isn't) and refresh it several times. I'd say on 60 hardness O1, it's probably 5-10 times as fast cutting. Life span off a washita stone is several human lifetimes, too, but it wouldn't tolerate 3V and it's marginal with V11.

I like the additional bevel instead of honing on the primary bevel because it makes it a lot easier to control the geometry of the edge for someone who is just getting into that. As in, when you start planing to finish, you need to have a mild curvature to the blade that is on the order of a few thousandths higher at the edges. It's easier to control this with a secondary bevel. It's also easier to be sure that the sharpening job is completed with a smaller secondary bevel, especially when the steel gets tough, and you can sharpen more times before you go to the grinder.

Typical use before this test would've been use the washita and then chase the burr with something (a finer stone and then a strop or just alternating back and forth and then the strop. I think I'd probably refresh a smoother iron 5 or 6 times before seeing the grinder again, and grinding accuracy isn't as critical. I don't set a rest on the grinder, my rests are at 90 degrees, so the grinding is done basically by Kentucky windage.

Some stropping with 1 micron on bare leather, but not much. Strokes total maybe 10 with the final couple at very light pressure. you can draw an edge or deflect it with a strop (even leather) and heavy pressure.

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