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Duration by Abrasive 2 - 30 degrees

David Weaver
It appears with the two irons I had time to test tonight, a 30 degree bevel probably gives an extra amount of longevity of about 5-10% over 35 degrees.

I was able to do 1 micron diamonds and the black ark stones.

I don't think I'm going to waste time doing the 5 micron at 30 degrees, but we'll see tomorrow.

I'm not able to find my cache of submicron abrasives unless I have them stashed somewhere for razors.

I'll do the "cheat" method of washita on the bevel and 1 micron diamonds on the back bevel tomorrow as well as a 35 degree bevel test with 1 micron on wood polishing the edge as brightly as I can.

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