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Re: Question for Wiley re Stanley Bedrock 5

Wiley Horne
Hi Phil,

Great question! And a good drive by in re your 2-1/4 Bedrock. I do think a 5-1/2 is a plane for all seasons, course I think that same thing about a lot of planes. The modern 5-1/2’s (mine is an LN) are all 2-3/8” I believe.

I truly think 2-1/4” is a more handy width, and if I’m not mistaken, the 2-1/4” models are quite old vintage planes—perhaps someone can straighten me out on that point. They have some cachet among the old tools crowd, and rightly so. It makes sense they’re real old, cause otherwise you could find 2-1/4” irons commercially.

Here’s an option: Konrad Sauer took one of our 3V irons—fully hardened with the Elliott logo on it—and had a local machine shop there in Canada slice a 1/8” strip longways off each side. Using a waterjet machine. I needed the iron cut down so as to fit a 2” infill smooth plane that Konrad had made. He sent me the offcut strips along with the plane and blade! Never got around to making awls out of them, but I think I could still find them.

Anyway, I couldn’t believe it when I saw those,offcuts. Water jet?? But it was cut slick as you please. So you might bear in mind that you can take a 2-3/8 hardened iron and make a 2-1/4 out of it. Obviously, check around locally to make sure there’s someone with the right machine.


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