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Other tests?

david weaver
I have limited wood to work with here in terms of the heart on this board, but look to have enough for a couple of other tests.

I was thinking (knowing that washita is probably going to fare between 5 micron diamond and black arkansas), that a cheating method might be useful.

Bill has expressed interest in simplification, and in my mind, one bevel above the grind and back work is a nice simplification. Obviously, the black stone works well, but it's a bit slow for the bevel without constant grinding. Slurrying it would yield less edge duration, though that would work.

The cheating method that I can think of is this:
* work the bevel off of the grinder on the washita
* finish the back with the 1 micron cast plate

that would be super quick because it's easy to freehand with a microbevel when you have only one. That's what is so attractive about the washita - the time saved sharpening that would lead to probably a 600 foot result in this test is worth it, and the speed of the stone leads to a greater chance of completing sharpening, but it's not so fast that it wastes iron. An example of a situation where I think the numbers just provided as feet don't really lead to more productivity.

I will try that if there's enough wood left. We're getting close to the end of testing - i'm getting tired of it, but I wouldn't mind taking a process improvement away from this.

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