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david weaver
Thanks, Warren. I also get the sense that some of the guys calling out angles should probably make an attempt to measure them. The bulk of their bevel might be less steep than 35+, but from watching them (like sellers' rolling) lift or roll, the lift looks more significant.

I landed at 33 (Above 30, which is where I started), probably due to the fact that I had and still have one or two - more highly alloyed irons in planes. They like a little extra. It's so stuck as what feels right that 35 or 30 feels unbelievably steep or shallow. It's probably difficult to deviate more than a degree. I use the same angle for everything and with generally two bevels - one grind, one lift. The grind is generally about 5 degrees shy of the lift, but it's not for a functional reason. The honing angle is the same every time no matter what the grind is. Less pronounced and faster to refresh on chisels - I've never measured them. They may not be quite as steep.

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