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Duration by Abrasive - 2 - 35 degree

David Weaver
35 degree final angle, O1 steel this time (my iron, house made). Beech heartwood again, level grain. Abrasive works both sides of the bevel (ruler trick style shallow back bevel used again for speed). Wood used little and cast iron more this time. Disregard any ugliness in the 1 micron picture, the results speak for themselves. I may have a contaminating grit or some other bits (even wood dust) on the surface now as I did some actual real woodworking in the shop earlier today and there was dust in the air from hand sawing.

Bare leather strop is used enough to remove the entire wire edge.

I will do 30 degrees sometime in the next couple of days to see if it offers any improvement in durability for any of these three.

Posts with each type follow so that I can include pictures.

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