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When I was younger, I hunted..

david weaver
...it took me a long time to figure out that the articles were pretty formulaic.

A lot of the woodworking magazines are, too:

* this rifle is a real workhorse in the field
* this plane is a real workhorse in the shop

* illuminated reticles (sp?) are a game changer that every hunter should have
* modern steel and fast abrasives are a game changer that every woodworker should add to their rotation

(and that's ignoring the domino and the gaggle of devices for people who like that stuff)

I admire people who can write articles without getting real far into them.

without looking back, IIRC, Charlie said Becksvoort reported experience in teak. V11 shouldn't last much longer than anything else in teak that has a lot of silica in it. metals that have much harder carbides should...except they don't last much longer in wood that doesn't have a lot of silica. I was careful testing wood that's not likely to accelerate a test, and at the same time, that should be relatively uniform within each test board. I was hoping for that in maple, but it didn't prove to be true.

If I had an article due, I couldn't justify all of the faffing. I leave accelerating things to the car magazines or CA Glue Fancy.

I'm pleased with this test so far, but I'm dreading the writing a little bit, even though I can sometimes do it well if I have a reviewer.

(I do think the woodworking magazines are a bit less beholden to selling what they're printing or making fancy claims, or something equivalent to taking a very unethical shot at a running animal from 550 yards away.

that's youtube videos now. I left a couple of nasty comments on a video from someone called stumpy nubs. No clue why youtube recommended that guy's videos to me, but it recommended that I watch one with hone rite gold and a bunch of amazon sales links in it. I should be above leaving a comment, but I couldn't help myself. It included comments like:
" WD 40 is too thick to use on a diamond hone and will suspend your stone away from the stone. You need something like this that's thinner than water "(paraphrased)"
"I never want to have oil around tools in my shop" (paraphrased - not going to watch it again. I have no idea what anyone would be afraid of - not having tools rust without buying a magic potion for water?)

And it had the $150 Chinese diamond hone in it (trend?) which I am diametrically opposed to because it represents the entire problem that's taken over woodworking in the last 20 years - how to get the lowest production cost item in place so that a maximum amount can be spent on marketing, partner links, coupons, etc.

I couldn't ever write anything connected by one or two degrees of separation from an advertiser.

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