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Rob Lee
David -

My goodness that's cynical.... :D - we'd never do that.

We spent hundreds of thousands of dollars researching and testing steels - looking for exactly what we chose - a steel that works well for woodworking, will fit into most peoples sharpening regimes, and will manufacture and heat treat well.

We are confident in our choice. That will not automatically mean it's the best choice for everyone.

The marketing dept would have kittens at me writing this - but the majority of my planes have O1 blades. I only have one PM-V11 plane blade - and that's in Sauer and Steiner K13 (drive by). I am a big fan of using O1 personally: with my manufacturing hat on - not so much. Too much movement when heat treating.

I do have PM-V11 chisels ..... but still like my old Mifer CR-V chisels too...

Anyhow -have been following the thread with interest!

Cheers -


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