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Derek Cohen (in Perth, Australia)
..first, the internal people at LV probably have no idea who I am.

But some of the others probably don't like my scorched earth campaign with the cap iron, and that's OK. I guess I could still find my way on to the no-buy list. Just not intentionally. A bull in a China shop often breaks things, but he can't help that he's a bull in a China shop.

David, I believe that you and Wood Central have had a significant part to play in the design of Veritas planes. I am very much on the periphery of what goes on there, but can put 2 + 2 together. Here is an example that Lee Valley listen and learn ...

I visited the factory in 2013, at which time the Custom bench planes were being designed and in the first stages of development. At that time we were discussing the chip breaker ad nauseam here (and elsewhere). At that time as well, bevel up planes were a dominant method for carrying a high cutting angle. Single-iron planes with high cutting angles ruled (HNT Gordon and Old Street, and I certainly built many of my own). The plane I saw and used at Lee Valley was a single iron plane. It was going to offer a range of different angle frogs. Yet by the time the Custom plane reached the market, it had developed into a double iron plane, with a chip breaker that could be used in the desired manner (I have demonstrated that many times). This design change was influenced, I strongly believe, by the discussions at Wood Central.

Regards from Perth


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