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That's what I appreciate...
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That's true... ()

Jonathan Elliott
...so much about people like you and Derek sharing their experiences with this attitude:

"I expected to find with this test that LV's tales were a little tall. I'm not above proving myself wrong, though."

"I'm glad to be wrong, though, once I have some proof."

Makes whatever you find and whatever conclusions you come to much more trustworthy compared to someone's personal agenda/preference.

As Steve mentioned in an earlier post

"What I especially like about your test is that it allows users to choose which blade qualities they want and find a blade that will deliver them."

I find this incredibly valuable. Rather than just share your preference, you share the particular qualities and let the reader apply them to his or her particular situation and desires. I find this throughout Derek's evaluations as well, especially during the heated BU/BD days.

It's particularly useful when talking about sharpening as well. All the systems work, more or less, but of course preferences abound!

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