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I'll sharpen the V11 freehand tonight..
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david weaver
straight off the grinder then from india, to mid ark fineness stone and then using an old japanese man made oilstone that just says "barber oilstone" on it.

I've never seen another one like it, but it's dandy and probably cost $5. I hate to say it, but I like it better than a trans ark stone, but woe be to the person who would ever have to flatten one (it's much like a spyderco in feel, but with a little more cutting power and instead of being a thin wafer, it's 8x3x1 or slightly bigger).

That is definitely a less fine regimen, and it won't be nearly as precise. It also requires stropping with bare leather.

There's enough of the last beech test piece left for several thousand strokes, and it's a poorly sawn piece of wood that doesn't really need to be kept for anything.

I expect some less longevity. I'm sure that my freehand sharpening angle is something like 32/33 because the 35 degree angle seems very steep by feel, and I sharpened the ward iron to 30 degrees last night and it felt very shallow to freehand hone. The result of that was an extra 50 feet with the ward iron (at 30 degrees) vs. the "charlesworth" process, but that's little different and I may have just done a better job sharpening, so I wouldn't count it as proving anything.

At any rate, we can see just how deficient my normal sharpening routine may be. If I continue to use the V11 iron in a smoother, it is the way it will be sharpened, anyway, whether it's freehand on cast or freehand on stones, the coarse work will not be done by diamond plates.

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