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david weaver
I didn't necessarily believe the sharpening thing, but I guess I did to some extent. I expected carbon steel to perform better optimized, but better has to be defined. It isn't as abrasion resistant, but it does retain its title in this testing - it goes to failure quickly but surface consistency is better.

But when it came to the alloyed stuff, I allowed the contradiction to what I thought determine that I should run this test. That the really tough to sharpen steels should do well in this what I'd consider a typical other than final pass smoother shaving. Instead, it looks like I'm backwards.

I don't have the ability to analyze V11 like bill, but it's clear that it's not got a lot of vandium in it (or at least I think it is), and its feel on the stones is like hard 440C. and it doesn't rust. Bill's pictures earlier about chromium carbides being small and evenly dispersed, and some other literature that i read discussing how chromium carbides can get out of hand and basically turn into big blobs at 900-1400F if you're careless....well, maybe it's a case of some property of chromium carbides in terms of wear resistance on wood that is more than just their hardness.

I swear I can feel the friction on M4, though, and it makes me think the wear mechanism on wood is akin to running soft steel over a diamond plate - the diamonds are far harder than the soft steel or iron, but it'll still pull them out.

And the 3V blade that wiley sent me *is* a very good blade. It's clear from toughness charts that it's extremely tough. I wouldn't be surprised if there was some circumstances where it fared better, but I'm limited to beech and maple in this test because I don't want to search for that circumstance.

The fact that it's a few hundred feet behind M4 in this test, and V11 doesn't describe that most of the extra feet that v11 and M4 had were pretty tough going. The 3V ran right with them for a long time and I was (to be honest), kind of happy that it gave up relatively quickly. That was a nice property to me. The wire edge is persistent, though!!

Whatever the case, as I remember off of the top of my head, 3V is 30-40% longer lasting than A2 in general, and it doesn't have the bad habit that A2 does where A2 seems to shed its edge as it's getting dull. The pictures show that - it's almost as if it molts its shiny part.

While I can't say that V11 will always do what it does in these tests, I expect that if someone tells me they're planing beech and they don't make the same thing happen, they're dishonest. That's the reality of testing - being precise gives you a few certain things and then a lot of other maybes, but life is less to me a bunch of definites, and a whole lot of learning what you can and putting the odds in your favor with it.

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