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Steve Elliott
It's great news that the V11 is so good. It's a lot easier to buy a good iron than to make them.

My feelings also. Despite finding 3V a big improvement over the other blades I tried in my infill planes (back before V11 was available) the trouble of making a blade was considerable. I'd rather be doing woodworking.

This morning I dug out a couple of V11 blades I got from Konrad Sauer, 3/16 x 2-1/4" which I thought would fit two infills I own. It turns out they're a few thousandths too thick to fit either plane. I can modify the planes or take a little off the blades now that I know it's worth it.

David, thanks for all your careful work. One of the benefits of doing a test is learning things you didn't expect. Your results raise a number of questions that intrigue me, for instance how the abrasion resistance of an alloy can vary depending on whether it is being abaded by a sharpening stone vs. wood. The "sharpens easily but retains its edge longer" idea seems to hold water. That's great!

I'll be looking forward to your future results.

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