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david weaver
...next. Edge duration at 30 degrees vs. 35 and with different levels of final polish will be the last two sets of tests.

I'm debating doing those two tests with O1 and A2 since the V11 will be a pain to use. In order to test those accurately, I need to run one at control and the other with whatever adjustment is being made.

It's kind of a nuisance because I'd like to flip flop them (if I make modifications only to O1, then someone is going to ask whether or not they'd hold with V11, and I don't know the answer to that). Ideally, O1 and V11 would provide end points, so I may use them instead of O1 and A2. In an ideal world, also, I'd like to test edge life with the different abrasive finishes at both 35 and 30 degrees, but I think I'll run out of steam before doing that.

I'll do something meaningful, and as I'm typing this, I guess that means O1 and V11 and slogging through as much of it as I can with one test iron and one control iron for each iteration. There will be pictures for those, too, but fewer as initial sharpening, something part of the way through the test and a final edge picture should be enough.

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