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david weaver
Pretty much covers my guessing, though I'm professionally uncertain about things (I like to talk about what's likely or unlikely or just what generates results without having to explain exactly why unless I can get a perfect test).

In this case, the M4 is a spectacular planing steel. It tricks you into thinking that it's dulling quickly and then doesn't stop.

The V11 leaves you wandering in a forest of "how long have i been planing with this plane?" and then it eventually loses clearance and punishes you like any other steel if you're foolish enough (as I am by rule in this test) to try to find the point where it "stops cutting half of the length of the board".

I expected something better out of my ward iron in the curiosity test but it sort of went well for about 350 feet, then the next 150 were that same kind of torture.

I pat myself on the back for making the following statement: I learned a lot more about planing (especially with respect to from rough) from soft irons than I did hard. The amount of smoothing that I do is insignificant in the grand scheme of planing, the shavings on the try plane are thicker and the wood softer.

But I'm impressed by how far the M4 and V11 go. What is it about chromium that seems to get along so well with wood? Is it hard enough to do well in wood, but not hard enough to do well in other wear tests where M4 stands out? It's puzzling, but the steady difference in cut feel so far is something I wouldn't have noticed without running the same irons in the same plane one after another (and having used exactly the same sharpening method).

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