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david weaver
When you're the person publishing the report, credibility doesn't seem like a problem, though I get the issue from the information consumer's side.

Thus the design of the test so that it can be easily repeated by someone else.

I expect a flurry of "no iron lasts that long" as well as "i planed three miles with a modern stanley iron".

From time to time, I get static about there being no way that I've purchased as many stones or chisels or planes, whatever it may be - as I talk about having used, but when you're actually sitting on more stuff that you've never talked about having, that's easy to laugh off.

The details of this test (the inconsequential lessening of clearance that takes place early, vs. the effect as it goes away and then the more abrupt effect when it gets to the point that a plane will skip in a cut and then decide that it can't enter the cut easily enough to correct it) - they're easy to talk about after 20k feet or so of planing. I'm a little more sure about what happens each time, vs some things that don't.

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