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Caution on using company "wear" data

Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
Continuing to poke around for fundamental information that would explain the qualitative ordering of the edge life of these steels I found that some of the published data on wear may be useless for our purposes. The Crucible Products data is most likely determined by an ASTM test where metal rubs on metal. Good data for a die or cutting steel. But this wear includes adhesive wear, irrelevant to wood planing. Wood is mechanically too weak to bond and then pull pieces of metal from the plane blade. While this kind of data comparing 3V and M4 shows that M4 has much better wear resistance we have no clue how these steels compare if the adhesive wear component is removed. Bottom line: the company data may not be of predictive value for planing wood. We may have to go to the knife people to get data comparing the abrasion resistance of these steels.

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Caution on using company "wear" data
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affects results but not conclusions
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