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David Weaver
...to make a parallel between this test and what I would do day to day in the shop. It's easy to lose focus, and after getting about 500 feet out of a wonderful norris 2 say "it's antiquated, it makes no sense to use it", but all things aside, the norris sticks to the board less than the LN, and despite having planed probably 20,000 feet so far in these tests, idealized planing like this doesn't really occur for me.

The bulk of the time is jack and try planing, and smoothing is fleeting.

The bulk of the time, I'm also using cherry and not beech, so the feet stretch out a little further, and i'm hoping to avoid putting the plane somewhere or getting something dirty on the wood so as to threaten the quality of the planing result.

So I will probably go back to using irons that I've made in stanleys 4, out of novelty and because they work well, and for the wooden planes, irons that are shaped right to fit.

But, boy was I wrong about how long these would last compared to a carbon steel iron. It's not a close contest.

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