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David Weaver
A couple of things. I would probably sharpen them when it occurred to me to and not in the last 10 strokes of something.

Just going by feel, I'd say I'd have sharpened the M4 and the 3V around 1000 strokes. The M4 has resistance in the cut. What is it? I don't know. It's not lack of sharpness, because it leaves a surface very bright like V11. Both hold on to that brightness for a similar amount of time.

Carbon steel holds on to this same brightness, but for a third as long, maybe. 3V seems to proportional to the length of wear vs. V11.

I'm sure I'd lean on the sticky LN bronze plane at some point and errantly blame it on the iron and sharpen it.

I guess if I had to make any guess as likely as any other, I'd say 1000 feet on the 3V and m4 and slightly longer with the V11, just because it's a little bit more slick in the cut.

I got an old ward ironed norris 2 out, sharpened it the same way as these, except on a japanese stone labeled "barber oil stone". It was about as dull as V11 was at 1200 feet at 350. That's not a typo. That iron has been only partially worked up, so it might have another 100 feet if it was fully done like the test irons, and the back was a little more perfect. The plane isn't quite as ideally made for the test, but it's clear that it was very dull at 500 feet or so. I still love those irons.

The interesting thing about this test is that the 3V iron felt good for a larger percentage of its cut. It looks better in pictures, too. It makes me wonder if it is the shape of the edge that makes it fail and not the amount of wear. After the first two pictures, I was sure the M4 wouldn't last, but it did. All the way along, the cut resistance made me think that it was wearing more - hard on the handle wrist, but it just kept going. ball park it at half of this total is where the plane not only stays in the cut but it just puts itself in the cut, slightly more than half for the 3V, though.

When I got about 800 feet out of O1 and warren said he figured that he'd be sharpening around 400 feet, I think that's pretty accurate.

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