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Chromium speculation

Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
So what is the property of V11 that imparts superior edge life? It could be a more advanced particle steel than 3V. I keep finding references saying the particle process results in enhanced wear and improved grindability. Or it could be corrosion resistance. It is known that a corrosion resistant coating prolongs edge life for router bits, but that cutting environment may have little to do with hand planing, or not.

K&K have a series of papers that are translated but not read by me yet that involve coating Supersurfacer blade with chromium on one side. My recollection was that wear went to near zero on this side. Perhaps in these papers they speculate on what property of the chromium resists wear. 2nd granddaughter arrives for a week shortly so it is unlikely I will study these papers before next week. stay tuned

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Chromium speculation
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