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Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
Maybe easy pushing the plane but not so easy planning a soundly executed experiment, assembling the materials, devoting boggling time to do the work, communicating the results, answering questions, defending the results, etc.

But in the end the edge life under realistic conditions of steels with widely differing properties will be located in dulling vs feet planed space, plus bonus information on sharpening, surface quality and maybe other information. As far as I know this will be the only data of this kind published.

The data set will enable one to determine what steel properties are significant contributors to edge life. The data will enable predictions to be made of the performance of steel not tested. Maybe there is a better steel out there waiting to be evaluated. The data set will enable quantitative comparisons to be made among possible blade steels for sale to guide new purchases. The data will challenge advertising claims. and more......

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