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another day of planing in my shop *PIC*

Bill Tindall, E.Tn.

After making doors it comes to fitting doors. If much has to be removed the quickness and reliability of the power jointer is used. But in this case the reveal between the doors was not quite perfect. Shaving < 1/32 off a door is less reliable on the jointer. The hand plane reliably removes .002, more or less, at a time to enable sneaking up on the perfect fit.

Chalk up another 8 linear feet of planing. The claims of others to the contrary I don't believe there is any way to keep track of the dulling while planing these tasks, widely separated in time. Failure to pick up a shaving, or a nasty spot of torn grain, arrives as an unanticipated event. I would have preferred to do this edge with a #2, for I have a better time balancing it on the edge. But it's blade was too dull to perform. Seems like I just sharpened it not long ago. No recollection what it has been used for.

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