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david weaver
I'm partly responsible for that (discussion about thinking the hock blades could be better with better stock or lower hardness). I thought that I could make a better blade than hock just because of their hardness - I thought they'd be better a couple of clicks less.

This is on the hard side of O1 blades for me (the one in this test), but it is below chippy. It's not really a matter of skill in making it, I just made it, tried it, then put it in the oven increasing temper a little bit until it stops showing any surface irregularities. That seems to be about 380 or 390 degrees with starrett O1.

But, I was wrong about durability. The hock lasted right with it and surface quality was little different. I guess this is about the most distance one could get from O1 unless there were some other more advanced tricks.

Next test, re-do of 3V and V11 in beech, and Phil's iron will go into the mix since these two irons will give it a chance to be in rotation in a board for a while. I'd prefer not to have any iron planing a whole bunch of distance by itself in a board because there's nothing relative to compare it to then if there's something about the wood that bungles an iron.

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