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Harlequin table: final pictures

Derek Cohen (in Perth, Australia)
We are done building the side table. Here are pictures (taken with my iPhone6).

The case is Hard Maple from the USA. The drawer fronts are Black Walnut, figured Hard Maple, and pink Jarrah (hence the name, Harlequin). The drawer sides are quartersawn Tasmanian Oak, and the drawer bottoms/slips were made from Tasmanian Blue Gum.

Finish was, initially, two coats of dewaxed UBeaut Hard White Shellac (the very faint amber adds a little warmth), followed by three coats of General Finishes water-based poly (this remains clear - does not yellow the maple - and appears to have some UV protection. It is hard wearing, which is necessary for a side table).

The build features mitred, rounded dovetails and bow front and back. Eight drawers featuring compound dovetailing to match the bow front. Drawers are traditional half-blind dovetails at the front and through dovetails at the rear, with drawer bottoms into slips.

About 2 months to build, mainly on weekends.

Here is the rear of the table (which will be seen through the windows, which run floor-to-ceiling along the family room ...

The pulls were shaped from what-I-believe-to-be-some-type-of Ebony ...

The obligatory dovetails ...

Do you think that anyone will notice that the drawer bottoms run sequentially? :)

And this one is for Bill, who was concerned that the chamfers at the end of the drawers (to ease entry into the case) might impair their extension ...

A last look ...

Thursday morning I haul the table to the Perth Wood Show for the annual furniture competition. Wish me luck.

Regards from Perth


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