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Self healing hock iron

david weaver
Another curious observation last night and Sunday testing the two O1 irons against each other.

After sharpening, I started the test. All was well, but sometime between stroke 1 and stroke 50, the hock gave up a tiny bit of its edge and left a dull stripe on the wood. Not sure what caused it, but I couldn't feel it planing, debated restarting the test (though it's starting to seem like that's all I do).

I left it alone, and within 200 additional feet of planing, the flaw had disappeared and the iron was back to cutting uniformly. Through 800 feet, it has developed a few very tiny lines (I'd have to assume again, that's a hardness issue). The initial issue disappeared all on its own, though.

None of these flaws being mentioned are big enough to split even a thin shaving. If you're just planing to get material off and prep for sanding, you'd never notice them.

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