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david weaver
...finished the maple test on 3V and V11 and then started a test on cherry to see how my O1 compares to hock. Not because I was going to, but bill suggested that I be able to make a note in the report how it compares to a commercial iron.

Pretty close so far, but after 800 feet each, both my iron and the hock are still planing. The hock is obviously slightly harder, but only just. The edge looks finer under the scope in most places because of the hardness (with the wear level), but it leaves tiny visible lines on cherry.

I don't have the picks handy, but the cherry has left strange abrasions on my iron (some on the hock, but less prominent) that don't nick the edge all the way through but look pretty garish. No clue what they are. They occur off and on through the entire used edge length - more wide and shallow.

what in cherry would do that? Not a mineral issue like maple, as they're not visible to the naked eye and the surface quality on the wood still shows nothing.

i have a feeling the hock will last 100 feet more than mine when all is said and done, and I'll have been wrong about edge life being better slightly less hard (quality is slightly better, but it'll take another shop session to determine edge life).

Back to settling the 3V and V11 thing in beech after this, and then on to the more interesting and instructive tests of edge life with 5 degrees more clearance and coarser abrasives. As well as a test of Phil's nicely made CPM M4 iron.

I have some other things i want to see, too - like a test of edge life pulling the plane backwards on a surface under its own weight (something few people admit to, but I'd bet a lot of people do - I don't, not for edge life, but because it's more physical work to lean on the plane both ways). And I want to put a plane down on a freshly sharpened blade and see if any damage occurs.

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