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Hypothesis rejected by data
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Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
You are assuming that all the irons generate the same amount of heat. Any evidence for that?

work = calories = force times distance. In all cases the distance per stroke was the same. So the only variable is force. David did not mention any significant difference in force between blades.

Kato and Kawai measured the force to push blades made of various steels. The force was the same for each at an equivalent sharpness. The K&K data shows that force does not increase much as the blades dull.

I would expect stainless steels like so called "Pm v11" to give off less heat. I would expect less friction because the steel resists sharpening by abrasion. The K&K data does not support this assumption that abrasion resistance has any correlation to friction across a wood surface.

All that chromium makes the iron more slippery. I have no opinion on this claim. Do you have a citation to support it?

If you believe that heat degrades the blade edge that leads to using steel that is not affected by heat, M2 for example.

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