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Test 3 - V11 vs. 3V in maple

David Weaver
I executed a retest of these two irons in maple to finish that test and see of the results would match beech.

Maple is out from now on as a testing medium. The results are as follows for the two irons:
1,624 feet for V11
1,748 feet for 3V

Here's the problem. There were more hidden inclusions within the maple board, as well as other fungus or mineral markings. Both irons took some damage, though V11 took about 50-75% more in terms of the length of the edge affected.

In both cases, the deflection caused by inclusions creates a small wire edge (deflected metal). That can be bent back in place by resting the blade on jasper. Not all of the damage is gone, but the edge is about 80% - guessing - improved from the damage without any resharpening.

This makes it very difficult to rely on this test for much of anything, other than to say that given all of the factors involved, it suggests 3V and V11 are in a similar class.

As I think about it, the only resolution is to re-do this test in beech. I see that my lumber supplier is now selling 5/4 again on ebay, so I am going to order some so as not to work through all of the lumber I've saved for handles.

Getting cheap and trying to use the maple has become very costly in time.

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