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David Weaver
It's more of an elimination of a variable type thing. I noticed resharpening both V11 and 3V yesterday that they will have a tendency to retain the wire edge at the edge of the blade on the finest abrasive if you don't make sure you pay attention there (it's, of course, easy for me to view most of the center of the blade as important here because I am fencing the plane and keeping the cut in the center).

As brian says, the cut is a little more lousy. There is a feel issue here in that the LN 4 is nicer to use than the old record plane that I have, so the feel is a little lousy for the 3V no matter what. It's not unstable, it just feels different. The sweetness of V11 in the cut is also better, seemingly, anyway.

I would guess it could lead to the difference in the test between V11 and 3V, but that's a complete wild guess. I've done a second test in maple with V11 and 3V, but it was again partially (instead of completely) spoiled by inclusions. The results with damage show a toss up between 3V and V11 (3V slightly outlasted V11 by about 5%, but had much less edge damage from sneak inclusions in the maple).

There was no such wire edge issue on any of the other irons in the original test (I noticed the corners of the 3V iron still had a very small but stubborn burr on them when I was examining them to attempt to take a picture of the bevels).

I'll include that in the write up. Since the 3V iron is not commercially available, I'm not as concerned with it as I am some of the others. I would say the two are in an equal class if I had to bet at lloyds, except V11 is a little bit easier to sharpen.

After just taking another 3400 feet of shavings on maple, i'm not sure I want to re-test the two against each other on a cleaner wood, though I would do it on beech if both were commercially available. Maybe after the rest of the other variables are tested (angle, abrasive).

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