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David's results show heat irrelevant

Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
Kato and Kawia's papers provide data to calculate the work, and hence heat, that is generated just by the blade (no sole component) and the wear photos show where this heat is deposited. Will do calculations later.

If heat was important in edge life 3V and M2 would stand out in wear resistance compared to the others. Both are tempered way above any temperature that could be generated (1000 degrees F for 3V) . If heat was destroying the hardness of LV11 (tempered similar to O-1 and A2) there blades would have fallen short of 3V and M2. O-1 and A2 did but for other reasons.

David's data set is a gold mine to tease conclusions from. Enough fundamental variables were investigated to make valid conclusions on the importance of these fundamental variables to edge life.

I hate to stimulate yet more work, but what has not been investigated is the effect of hardness. Problem is this variable would be difficult to separate from toughness for the two are highly correlated.

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