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Wire edges question
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Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
You have been doing a lot of fretting over wire edges in this work. I have come to trust that when you have a concern one should not dismiss it. On the other hand, your work has been influenced by razors where I suppose a wire edge leads to bleeding.

. Directions for sharpening my industrial sized planer knives call for grinding followed by dragging a piece of aluminum across the edges to break off the wire edge. Because edge life equals productivity with this sort of machine these directions would lead me to think the wire edge has little effect on edge life for this machine. In any case, the wire edge would soon come off by planing, probably quickly.

Here is the assumption I have been working under, apparently incorrect. If a bit of wire edge is left on a plane blade the first few feet of planing is going to remove it by wear or breakage. I have assumed no ill effects will occur from my leaving it on. (now truth be said I try to remove it, but do I need to if it is fine?)

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