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Re: Side fact, temperature change from planing..

david weaver
I wish he'd have kept the video on a little bit longer. I suspect his probe is picking up a reading from the wood, too, which while I'm planing is much warmer (as well as the air around it) than the iron was when I was done. There is a little bit of faffing time elapsing between planing and my measuring of the iron, though, when it was probably dumping heat into the plane (probably more correct to say the plane was absorbing heat). It would've been nice to see what the temperature reading would've been with the quick-cooling shavings not present (heating the surrounding air).

I've noticed irons being warmer after brisk planing before, though, but never enough to be painful. Just seemingly a dozen or two degrees warmer.

Not that any of the pondering is more important than the actual planing results (which is really what this testing was for - regardless of what the reason might be, what lasts longest given the test set. I would've assumed if heat was really much of an issue, the two high temper temp irons would've beaten the V11).

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