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Side fact, temperature change from planing..

david weaver
..I recall Rob lee mentioning heat when he was talking about planing, and certainly when speeds increase or hardness does, that's probably a factor.

Where I gauged the center of the cut (putting my thumb on the webbing of the plane casting while fencing the cut with my fingers so that the stroke would be on the same part of the iron over and over), the shavings ran over the back of my thumb.

Plenty of warmth on the exiting shavings, but not that hot. I thought it would be interesting to measure the temperature change of the iron 1/8th inch from the edge, knowing that the point of cut is probably much greater, but the remaining iron near the cut will absorb the energy as it's allowed to.

The conclusion after 200 feet of moderate speed planing (probably 2 seconds per pass or so).

....6 degrees F. Enough to notice, but just not that much.

Plenty of other cooler areas anxious to absorb the heat from the cut, of course the shavings and the air around them (thus feeling the warmth passing over my thumb), the cap iron and the frog.

Always wondered that before, this is the first time I've gotten a measure. I expected not a great deal of change, but something a little more than that.

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