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Bill has requested..(a more standard O1)

david weaver
..and I will test the hock high carbon iron vs. my O1 iron. I don't really care what the results are, but he's correctly pointed out that the average reader of the results will have no idea what to expect from commercial O1 steel vs. mine, whether it's to assume that I have some magic touch, and my iron is probably better (I seriously doubt we'll see that), or that my iron is trash and the hock ends up between A2 and the other irons (I seriously doubt we'll see that).

He may also hardness test my O1 iron, which through my stone sense, I suspect is about 62 hardness. He can easily embarrass me with that if he finds that it's 64 or 60, because that's really an unacceptable difference vs. my sense based on stone feedback.

I don't mind getting embarrassed, though.

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