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Re: (It's a matter of likelihood, of course)

David Weaver
Making tools is definitely somewhere that people would work woods like that. I haven't used blackwood (too expensive, and probably on CITES listing, so not changing until they meet again and there's some at least limited relief).

Anyway, the thing that sent me down this rabbit hole years ago was getting some sparkly cocobolo turning blanks and cutting them apart to make plane handles. I couldn't thickness a single plane handle blank with an A2 iron, so I bought some of the chinese planes and that provided some relief (it still would've probably been easier to sharpen a few times, but i was going to get the "right tool).

So I scratched that itch (and used those planes to size cocobolo infill blanks), and was just getting into hand dimensioning and thinking "AWWW YEAAHH....I've got a plane iron that worked through about 4 or 5 times as much of the cocobolo without dulling and wait until that multiplier goes to cherry, soft maple and walnut!!"

And then it didn't.

I've been curious for a long time about what's what, but fast sharpening and a cap iron beat buying magic steel 10 to 1, so that was the end of that.

Still on the bender to make a couple of irons that wear reasonably well an have almost no wire edge tendency (despite the results of this testing).

But if I was making nothing but infill plane blanks, I might think of setting up with the HSS tooling again. I can understand why other people would, too.

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