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(It's a matter of likelihood, of course)
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david weaver
observing what happens with subsequent changes in variables. If the gap stays similar between V11 and O1, then it's far more unlikely that there's a need to view anything from the other steels for those tests (other people could do them if they like).

That won't satisfy critics who say they plane pine knots and leadwood all day, but too much attention is given to "difficult" woods when few people do much actual hand planing in them. The solution for those is still getting better - actually, faster - at sharpening, not buying more stuff (I tried the former first - the latter was more effective, even though we're marketed to believe that we're solving the problem if we buy something directly for it vs. figuring out how to get past it).

And - I love the chinese irons, but I flattened the one I'm going to send you. They are unbelievably abrasive resistant over a large area. You cannot even feel 80 grit fresh PSA paper doing anything with them, and I have a house made holder for the irons that makes them hot enough on that paper to melt the lacquer on the back of the iron. Someone using two fingers and a stone to try to flatten them would be SOL.

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