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I had fair warning

Joe shelton
The instructions for the LVV low angle spokeshave include a notice that the blade might come out during use, and that the way to prevent that is to scuff the mating parts of the blade and the restraining nuts, to get better purchase.

I read those instructions after I got the bleeding stopped, relying on pressure and super glue.

That spokeshave is a good little tool, and I'll continue to use it, after I scuff up those surfaces. And from now on, I'll hold it with all my fingers out on the handles, not riding on the Blade Housing Group!

On the bright side, my newly completed horse works very well. I think of it as a bench horse, because it sits at the end of my saw bench, with quite a bit of room left for sawing.. More importantly, I built it so I can quickly remove all the shaving apparatus if I need the full length of the bench.

Sawing is a lot more fun on a real sawbench than at the workbench.

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