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Edge progression pictures by type

David Weaver
Each set of pictures is as sharpened by type. You'll notice I left a few more stray scratches in O1, but realize that these are at the 150x optical level. They are insignificant with O1 because they do not result in faults as you'll see from picture 2. I don't think some of the other irons tolerate stray scratches to the edge as well.

Also, I'm not advertising my iron making skills, so if I cost the iron 10 shavings, I'm not worried. The uniformity of the edge in picture one suggests no foul. This is the last iron I sharpened after the absurd 1 hour and 45 minute session of back and forth sharpening and viewing on the scope after hitting the inclusion on maple, so it got treated like that. It still lasted better relative to A2 in this test, and the tsune, anyway.

In short, if you want to complain about my sharpening of my own iron, put a trash can over your head before you start complaining. All of these irons (O1) included, are so far past the hair test at the beginning of this that it's silly. Hair just silently wipes off of your arm. Nothing jumps or evades a single pass of any of these irons.

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