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Wiley Horne
Thanks Derek. I admire your compact system. My reason for the question is that I’m setting up a second sharpening station, as I laughingly call it. I began just now to write down my sequences, but it’s crazy varied according to exactly which iron or chisel and whether it wants regrinding, so I’ll spare you.

Long story short, I need a 1000g stone at this second location. At the primary location, I’m using an old Sigma Power 1000 (or some mesh of fixed diamond if 3v or m2).

Now the Sigma 1000 cuts well for a little bit, but gets a close sticky black coating, like a black glaze, after not many strokes, so that I have to refresh the surface often. I’ve been putting up with it, but wanted to try something different.

Also, I sat up and took notice of your recommendation of the Sigma 6K prior to Sigma 13K, rather than one of the Shaptons.

Thanks again, Wiley

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