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Wiley Horne

Thanks for the helpful insights. Your photo of the neat glass solution reminds me I’ve got 6 played-out fixed diamond stones sitting around making drawers dirty—think I’ll use one of those with the Shapton.

On the King 800, I just decided to listen to Warren and Steve, as I did you with your strong recommendation of the Shapton 1000. I don’t see the two stones as competitors, though they’re in the same nominal grit range. Will experiment to find which steel likes which stone.

Warren situated the King as a set-up for his natural stone which came next in line; I may find the same with the particular natural Japanese stones I like. Maybe the vintage plough irons or moulding plane irons will respond to it. Or maybe the King will end up doing kitchen knives in the sink where the water is :) .
I’ve heard good things about the Chosera stones that Brian referenced—do you have experience with them? I hold your opinions in high regard!


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