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Question to LV

david weaver
LV mentioned on the PM-V11 site that they also tested irons in wood, even though the results appear to be from MDF accelerated testing (presumably due to the size of the group involved in the formal test).

If Rob is around and gazing at any of this, do my pictures from wood look like your pictures? They may not in shape due to the use of the cap iron, and others' usual focus of the bevel side (I have a cheap hand held scope and may take pictures of the final bevel side, but you can't tell as much as people think you can looking at them because the wear bevel may be longer but less steep on some type of steels vs. others. The quality and uniformity of the edge, in my experience, is a better guide.

I would be surprised if some of the tests in canada-land weren't done with maple given it's ...well, it's the flag!

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