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comparing Chinese vs LV PMV11 steel properties
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Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
If we presume the Chinese is M2 it is likely not a "particle" M2. The less expensive Chinese M2 jointer knife stock available at my wood tooling shop is not particle steel, consistent with this presumption. If we further presume we have correctly identified the steel used to manufacturer PMV11 blades then we can compare published properties of the two steels. The property that stands out in comparison is toughness. The superior toughness of the PMV11 could be the factor that results in the different wear. You may be discovering that abrasion resistance is not the only steel property of importance to planing edge life. That would be a nice discovery. K&K observed many cases where the shape of the wear differed as a result of steel or plane set up variables.

In the K&K paper on cap iron performance they noted under some configurations a self sharpening effect resulting from erosion of the blade face caused by the concentration of shaving force in this area. They were able to see this effect in the SEM pictures. I can't recall if it was reflected in the planing force data which is the data that most closely correlates with a tactile feel for what the bade is doing in hand planing.

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