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david weaver
The two prong test, and the test of actual planing rather than creating a machine to do it and accelerating it in something else (that's not aimed at any prior tests in particular - it's been done by almost everyone - using various toughness tests or machines to eliminate human error or subjective interpretations) is...

...well, an attempt to see what happens when we're actually planing wood.

Lots of tests with machines, with different materials, etc, but most leave us wondering "will this hold up if someone is actually planing in wood at the same speed someone would use a hand plane".

I don't want to wonder those things, and I doubt other people will want to.

The fact that the results seem to be diverging into two groups (plain steel vs. alloy steels) and that the surface quality question is well established now (and the wear feels subjectively like it's favoring alloy irons, even if they have more defects)....that'll still allow people to continue to argue about why their preference is better. I know people value being able to argue, and I'd hate to take that away from them!

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