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david weaver
I think at one point, the two may have been separate companies, but my understanding is that they're the same now. Yasuki, *i think* was the original company who came up with the white/yellow/blue blade steels.

Interesting that there's no toughness spec. 64 would be a good hardness for it, though. It's almost the same as white 2, and white 2 does very well for uniform failure at that hardness. It does well at lower hardness, but it would wear faster, and at higher hardness, it gets brittle and can be unforgiving and temperamental (I guess that's true of all carbon steels).

Whatever the case may be, kigami results being referred to as white steel for the average bystandard now is pretty safe. Given the ever so slightly tighter constraint for silicon, I wouldn't be surprised to find that shirogami (white) is just a newer and tighter spec (or to find that kigami was the first of this type of steel to be commercially made).

They're all hard for the average person to find in any stock that you can make things from (aside from little skinny knife blade blanks).

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