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wire edges on cast iron ()

david weaver
would do some damage that would show up on the microscope, but I don't know when it becomes material. I think most people - especially anyone sanding, would think I'm nuts for talking about the tiny wire edges, and for the purpose of shaving lifting, they're probably right.

In this case, my feet are to the fire on the pictures, though. If you look at the scratches I left on my O1 iron, they are plentiful but relatively shallow. I couldn't have left those scratches on one of the commercial irons or any failure around them would've nullified the test results to some extent.

Your familiarity with what you see also means, though, that you're better at preventing - and knowing that you're preventing - anything untoward getting on the cast plate and sticking so that it can bruise the edge. Using wood has allowed me to see the wire edge and pick it off or push it off of the surface, but even then, I have to be careful. Anything on my fingertip (even a stray piece of dirt) could scratch an iron all up at the level of magnification being used.

Thankfully, the O1 iron pretty much wore past those little scratches quickly and never showed any effect from them.

It'll be interesting in a subsequent test to see if one type of iron is more forgiving of such a sin than another.

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