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Re: surface gazers vs shaving lifters

Steve Voigt
Dave, I'm enjoying reading this stuff a lot, though I'll admit I'm probably missing a bunch because there's a ton here. I'm having a little trouble finding a bottom line.

The distinction you made between "surface gazers" and "shaving lifters" is the crux of the issue for me. I imagine the latter want to know "how long will the iron cut?"

What I'm interested in is how long an iron can go before it stops producing a finish ready (or nearly finish ready) surface.

So I guess my questions are:
* Do all irons tested here produce a finish-ready surface?
* Which ones can produce a finish-ready surface for the longest time? Which ones poop out the fastest?

My assumption here is that on the question of merely lifting a shaving, the plain high carbon irons will give up earlier than the alloyed steels, but that on the question of a finish-ready surface, the plain high carbon will be competitive. Is this true?

Apologies if you've already answered these questions and I'm just not finding it.

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