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David Weaver
One side comment...

...I think one of the things I was hoping to find out is that well done O1 could almost hang with A2 and V11 type stuff.

I think I'm finding out that's not the case. Of course, there's no guarantee my O1 irons are better or as good as any others out there.

I'm such a fan of edge uniformity that I thought it might really help an iron reach up and perform better than it should. I think that the pictures of both O1 and blue steel are delivering on edge uniformity, but my O1 iron subjectively has the brightest wear bevel to the naked eye. I think I may be responsible for making the "worst" iron in the test as far as duration.

I didn't expect all of the tiny little pore looking things on the blue steel iron, and the second 50 shavings appear to have worn some of them away.

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