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Re: Observations on wear after 400 feet planed

David Weaver
I don't do that, either, Warren. I generally sharpen as soon as I notice that I'm doing anything to influence the plane. I've learned through this test and a prior one that sometimes that's in error (and all that's needed is wax), but it's not an error with any real penalty.

The reason I'm doing this test until the plane stops lifting a cut on its own (which I'll document as cutting a length of shaving with only the rear hand on the plane) is so that it's less subjective.

The visual pictures are just too iffy to draw conclusions from, so all I can do is comment about surface quality and see when the plane no longer wants to take a shaving.

Pictures of surfaces would be nice, but the surfaces are glossy and the phone instantly recognizes them as such and focuses on them and eliminates the glossy look.

If someone seems my results and has an issue with them, they can go recreate them if it's something as simple as the wear limit being defined as the plane no longer staying in the cut .

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