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Observations on wear after 400 feet planed

David Weaver
I can see the wear bevel on every iron, even 3V.

The A2 from LN and the V11 seem about even in terms of wear and visible wear bevel. I wouldn't bet one against the other at lloyds, but maybe as the feet add up, the V11 will separate itself to back up its claims.

I deliberately chose LN's A2, not because I was hoping for an outcome, but because it's been the best I've used anywhere. Not to mention, it's the only one I have at this point (I could buy another make if I had to). Subjectively, if someone came to me and said they wanted an A2 iron, I'd recommend the LN.

I hoped that my O1 iron would hang in feet planed. So far, it shows more wear than the A2 or V11, but more surface uniformity. I think it will come out of the cut earlier than either A2 or V11, though. Maybe my perception of how much I like uniformity of the surface and how I (and anyone else working mostly by hand) have increased shaving thickness to offset wear gave me a bit too rosy of an expectation for O1 against the others.

If it lasts two thirds as long, it's still the one I'd choose because of its tendency to release the wire edge more easily. I like to hone with one stone or one and a wire edge chaser. I think (I'm guessing, and will test) that the carbon steels' tendency toward surface dulling but not losing uniformity may make them a better choice if you're not going to go all out with the 1 micron sharpening routine stuff.

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